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CaseyDilla is rapper persona I use to be wildly inappropriate. ​

I have 3 sisters and love and cherish women. This is for laughs.

My sisters think it's hilarious. My mom does too.

Whip My D*ck

I wrote and edited this parody of Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" - over 14,000 views.

OTIS Remix Live

I rapped the lyrics to my "OTIS Remix" (below) with a live band at Vagabond in Miami.

It was mostly 'urban' and the band thought

it'd be funny to play "Sweet Home Alabama".

They were so pleasantly surprised by my

rap that they asked me to do another verse.

OTIS Remix in Studio


An original beat, not Wu-Tang's classic.

Like a Drink

The first beat and rap I ever made. Still fresh.

Get a Bib

I started a music video, but never finished it. Full song below.

Whip it Out

Pussy Sweat

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