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Year End Rap Up

Looking back,

On a sweet year

With my sweet friends

Wrigley's was here

And they kept me smilin'

From ear to ear

Livin' the sweet life

Wrigley's was here

I take a spin with

the Double-mint twins

in my twin-cylinder


I keep it fresh with my

best bet Speariment

Gum like a train

I chew chew chew

And best friend

is an M&M

He's a nutty little buddy

and it's evident

On the weekend

We hit the hot clubs

And for the afterparty

We hit the hot tub

But he don't melt

No he keeps his cool

Like Winterfresh

He kicks it old school

And he's a sweet dude

Like Juicy Fruit

And he's a Life Saver

Like a parachute

Like a paradise

It's been a nice year

But it's coming to a close

The end is near

But there's no fear

It's time to celebrate

Wrigley's and Mars

Wish you Happy Holidays

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